hey, I'm anitjha 👋

Hi there, I'm a 20-year-old CS undergrad student who has a passion for Chess and building things. I thoroughly enjoy problem-solving, especially in the realms of web development and open-source (OSS). My go-to setup is "Fedora + Windows" with a sprinkle of WSL for that extra functionality.

Currently, I'm diving deep into the world of Machine Learning (ML) in my studies.

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Anit Jha College NSUT, Netaji Shubhas University of Technology
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Skills and Interests ✏️

I've explored a diverse range of technologies and environments, mastering key domains including:
Web Frameworks and BaaS:NextJSFirebaseTypescriptAstro
Proficient in the Server and the Terminal, with expertise in various Linux/Unix environments.
I've also mastered Backend Languages, including Python, Java, and Golang.
Currently, I'm delving into Machine Learning, utilizing tools like TensorFlow and PyTorch to expand my knowledge further.
Very comfortable with Version Control Systems with Git and GitHub

Projects 📚

I've also worked on a few projects of my own.

The ChessMaster

A real-time chess game, The ChessMaster. Create an account, invite friends, and play against opponents in this thrilling online chess experience.

Moksha Innovision

I recently had the opportunity to work on something pretty exciting - the website for Moksha Innovision, the annual fest of NSUT Delhi.

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I also have a passion for sharing my knowledge and insights from my experiences. One way I do this is by occasionally writing blogs. Some of them are 👇

Git Stash : Beginner's Guide

Elevate Your Windows PowerShell: My Personal Customization Guide

My guide to customize grub theme on fedora

..more blogs